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I would tell the tuner before you head over the trouble codes you have, and see if they are willing to diagnose those. They will need a Camaro service manual to show what wires and connector pins are involved with that P0650 code.

The only other thing I can think of is to clear the codes, reload your stock tune, then just start it for a short run. Just to see if that P0650 code comes back right away, or if that code is just in some issue with the maggie tune. If it comes back right away on the stock tune, the best thing to do is go down the diagnostics for that code in the service manual. It has you do some wiring checks on the MIL circuit. And if there is no problem in the MIL circuit, the other possibility is a faulty ECM.
I would think a wiring issue is most likely.

One other quick thing to look at is the connector for the tuner, make sure none of the pins have bent over or broken off. And peek into the ALDL connector where the tuner plugs into and makes sure nothing looks funky with the female ends of the connector under the steering column. Mine has 4 pins on the top row, and 4 on the bottom row. Make sure none of those pins in the ALDL connector under the dash have been pushed back.
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