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I arrived there at 8:20, was the first one through the gate...the chevy area got packed within 20 minutes, so we actually went and checked out the rest of the show. We left about 12; kids and I were roasting on the GM side of the building. I ran into a couple people, but I thought how crazy it was and couldn't take it any more! If I had a nice chair to sit in, I could have sat there ALL DAY and talked shop.

As an FYI - most of the random walking chevy people are actually local area Chevy sales staff. The only true credible source there is our own Camaro5 guy Brian - who was there most of the day, doing the speech by the BLACK edition...

There was a guy by the red SS that was interesting...after about 20 minutes I told him I sold cars and he immediately went into the I SOLD 20...HOW MANY DID YOU SELL line...Then said he was still adding a lot of orders, well over his GUIDE NUMBER......It was then I realized he wasn't SHARIN THE CAMARO LOVE, he was SHARIN THE IM SELLING A LOT OF CARS.....I didn't find him too worthy of my time....

One of these days take a ride over...but let me know so I know I'm going to be there!!!!

Did you ticket arrive in time?
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