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Originally Posted by 2012-1822 View Post
Just reminded me, 35 year old college student here. I was thinking the other day of taking a bottle of water into the bathrooms on campus and "peeing" with water on people's feet in the next stall and see what reactions I get. I think it'd be funny. Would need a partner to film it though.

And before someone says I'd get my ass kicked, I'm kind of large, and I'm not dumb enough to do it to the football players. I ride the elevator often enough with Cyrus Kouandjio, he's a big dude, I'm not messing with him. He and his brother make up the left side of our O line.

Just cause theyre big means squat. Ive seen many a big dudes drop like sacks of potatoes. Your prank would most certainly lead to some sort of confrontation and not a good one.
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