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Originally Posted by FrankT View Post
The car and mods are looking good! I love that color, my ZR1 is Crystal Red tintcoat which is the same or close to it. I'm on the fence about the 3.91 gears. I don't know if my turbo car would like them or if 3.73's would be better. I'll watch to see how yours work out for you. Great job on the car!!!
Thanks for the compliments! RJT is my favorite color! I saw a Crystal Red and it's nice too, a little brighter red than RJT! My plan with the 3.91's is to eventually add a cam which would be a perfect combo! Any turbo or supercharger may be a bit much for 3.91 so I'd say 3.73's are a better match, although there are guys that have 3.91's with FI and love it! I have some more cosmetic stuff I'm doing over the winter, just waiting for parts to come in and time to do the mods!
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