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Originally Posted by Fast SS View Post
Anyone put in a built A6 Transmission yet with a TC?

Wondering what is available out there to hold big power.
To my knowledge there is no such thing yet. There are converters and upgraded clutches, but there is no "built" transmission with completely upgraded "guts" like FLT and RPM have offered with the 4L60-80 tranny's. I have talked with RPM a number of times on this over the course of the last 18 months, and the last time I spoke with them (1 month or so ago), upgraded clutches were it. They had put them in a 800rwhp car, which had about 4K miles on it...they removed the tranny to assess wear, and the clutches "did" show wear at that power level. No one really knows "for sure" the limits of the stock 6L80 at "X" power level. Your rwhp/rwtq, driving/racing habits, and how much heat the tranny see's will undoubtedly dictate how long the tranny will function normally...
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