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Originally Posted by RedRyder View Post
I wired my side markers to my fog lights so that they and the halos come on all the time and just disconnected my fog lights at the bulbs since I don't use them. This makes it so when my knob's on auto, during the daytime, I've got sidemarkers, halos, and taillights on. At night, just the headlights kick on and everything else is the same.

Not exactly what you're looking for but just an idea.
so did you wire the fog light harness to the side markers and also spliced into the halo’s? i’ve been thinking of just making a harness that plugs into the fog light harness and splice that into the halo’s and then just run the fog lights off a separate switch under the dash. the only thing i’ve been thinking about for that is that the halo’s would turn off when the headlights come on, so i’ve been trying to come up with a way to have the halo’s automatically come on during the day, and stay on when the headlights come on at night, all this with the switch set to auto.
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