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"FULLY INSPECTED - It has been fully inspected by our most qualified Ford Certified Master Mechanic."

uh oh....

I see aftermarket clear corners and that's it. It looks very clean and from the pix, does not appear to be modded dents, dings, etc. The interior looks great for it being 5 years old. I have those same tires on my SS right now. Personally, I like the tires and their handling...but that's not the issue.

IMO, it looks very nice for the miles it has on it. Check around on the prices for all blue books, etc. Check on ebay as well to see what they are going for in the same year, options, and mileage.

Also, there are a bunch of guys on another site that can do a free carfax for you. The dealer said it was clear, but I'd run it anyway. All in all, it looks pretty darn good for its miles.
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