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Originally Posted by MJanowich View Post
az2ss, you need to buy Forza Motorsport 4 and then you have to spend Microsoft Points to either buy the August Playseat car pack, or buy the ZL1 individually from the car points, which still costs MS points, but less than the full pack.

Snoppyace, I'm assuming you're not running aero because you were racing on Le Sarthe and didn't want the drag.

Try these settings out and see how you like it. It's all from memory right now.


Tires: 28.5 PSI Front, 28.5 PSI Rear
Camber: -1.0 Front, -0.9 Rear
Front Caster: 6.0
Anti-Roll Bars: 23.5 Front, 22.5 Rear
Springs: 650 Front, 650 Rear
Ride Height: as low as it will go
Rebound: 8 Front, 7.8 Rear
Bump: 4 Front, 3.9 Rear
Aero: adjustable front/rear
Braking Balance: 54% Front
Braking Pressure: 88%
Differential Accel: 70%
Differential Decel: 50%

Your ARB settings are going to cause it to understeer way too much on long sweeping turns. The car does much better with a neutral ARB, Spring and Damper setup, with less rear damper to keep the rear end from swinging out on fast left/right switches.

I could probably go softer on the springs for better tire compliance on bumpy roads and hitting curbs, but it does ok with that at 650. Plus, I like Infineon and that track can cause soft sprung cars to bottom out a lot.

One big change you should think about is the brake pressure. With it that high, you are basically turning your brakes into an on/off switch. ABS is going to be on all the time and that's going to make your braking less efficient than if you made it lower and finessed the brake to minimize ABS.

On Suzuka East, which is one of my main tuning tracks, I posted a 53.189 laptime which is #2296 on the leaderboard. I'm a decent driver and I could probably drop it into the 52 second range if I really tried.
Awesome. I will give this a go. Only reason I didn't put on the aero is because it put me over the S700 limit. I'm sure it'll be great in R3 with the aero.

As for the brakes, it's just a habit for me... It's so hard for me to finess the brake with the controller :/ But I understand what you mean and I don't doubt it. Good pointers man.
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