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Snoopy, if the aero puts it into R3, start with the clutch and then start taking off engine bits to keep it in S class. I prefer max handling over a little more power for my Forza cars.

The Performance Index formula in Forza 4 seems to reward having aero because it lowers the top speed number a significant amount, which opens up more PI for handling upgrades. Since most tracks don't really have long enough straights to come close to top speed, it really doesn't penalize you for running aero for just about everything.

It would be interesting to do a comparison of aero vs. no aero on Circuit de la Sarthe to see which one is faster. That's the only track where I'd say no aero has a shot.

Let me know how it's handling for you and if you think it's got too much over/understeer in any particular part of a corner.

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