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Originally Posted by firstmate View Post
I am sure it was, did you all get to park together at the restaurant? Also, were there any new members there or only from our last meeting? I wasn't sure if anything was posted where new people may have seen it or not.

I met a fellow Camaro owner on Sunday morning at Taqueria Del Sol on Park Place (just in case you are lurking out there) and I asked him if he had heard of this site and he said yes, he looks at it all the time. But he has never registered and posted. Soooooooo....

Hey there fellow Camaro owner with the CGM V8 that was at Taqueria Del Sol Sunday 8-30-09 - Join, and join the H-Town Camaro Club - It has been great fun and it will be even more fun down the road!!!

Once you do join, be sure and send me a PM so I know what your user name is, and so that I know you joined!!!

See you guys next time, the next meeting is 9-19 correct? I also wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything going on between now and then that I may not know about yet.
Thanks for the encouraging words firstmate.

Hey everyone, I finally did it, I am officially a member. After months of reading all the cool stuff you guys are doing to your cars. I feel like I know more about your cars than I do about my own. Now just have to figure out how to keep up with all these posts, and PMs.

Also, I am looking forward to my first meet. Iíll keep my eyes open for the details.

I would also be interested in joining CAMAROS OF HOUSTON
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