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Many 2011 convertibles have had some top issues so look over the top carefully and make sure any top TSB has been done. Look for rub marks or holes over the driver and passenger door area. Not all are bad but inspect carefully. The GM extened warranty does not cover the top.

Some have had total top replacements several times and a lot of problems. Others like myself have had minor issues like rub marks the TSB fixed and I have also had the 5th bow break on mine. It was fixed under the factory warranty period. If you get it and do have top issues see if your dealer can get GM to extend the top warranty. I did this and got 4 years added from the date of my 5th bow replacement. I love mine and would buy it again so don't let horror stories stop you from getting it if it's a good deal. I will tell you the convertibles still attract a lot of compliments where ever I take it.
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