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Hey guys sorry I never responded. I went with my dad today and took it on a good test drive. Here's the details:

Loved it, after I actually played around with it I felt the power. I like it, after going from it to my 6, I can definitely tell a difference. The 6 is still a quick car but the SS felt a little tighter and gave a bit more pull, and I absolutely am in love with that sound.

The car has 125 miles on it. It was empty when I got in it so the dealer gave me a ticket to go up the road and put some in, I put in premium.

The only complaints is that the wind noise is a little loud, I'm assuming that is from the fact that its a convertible? I noticed too in mine you can floor it and once you hit 60-70 and let off you'll coast smoothly. In the vert when I let off I felt a tiny bit of a jerky halt before it started coasting smoothly. The Brembos were amazing. It drove the same yet I could feel the difference when I hammered down on it.

There was also a small crack in the window, I'd have to get that fixed.

Bottom line, it's a 2011 and no incentives. My 2011 has everything you could ask for in one and it has 30,000 miles. They're asking $13,800 difference. That's not terrible, but as soon as I sign, I have a 2 year old car. I saw a used 2012 with only 20k miles selling for 31k, and they're asking 41k for theirs. It doesn't seem like a bad deal, but it's not 100% what I want. I thought, you know if I could trade for 8-9k, I would prob pull the trigger. I'm still looking!!
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