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Originally Posted by plus1zero View Post
Hey guys sorry I never responded. I went with my dad today and took it on a good test drive. Here's the details:

Loved it, after I actually played around with it I felt the power. I like it, after going from it to my 6, I can definitely tell a difference. The 6 is still a quick car but the SS felt a little tighter and gave a bit more pull, and I absolutely am in love with that sound.

The car has 125 miles on it. It was empty when I got in it so the dealer gave me a ticket to go up the road and put some in, I put in premium.

The only complaints is that the wind noise is a little loud, I'm assuming that is from the fact that its a convertible? I noticed too in mine you can floor it and once you hit 60-70 and let off you'll coast smoothly. In the vert when I let off I felt a tiny bit of a jerky halt before it started coasting smoothly. The Brembos were amazing. It drove the same yet I could feel the difference when I hammered down on it.

There was also a small crack in the window, I'd have to get that fixed.

Bottom line, it's a 2011 and no incentives. My 2011 has everything you could ask for in one and it has 30,000 miles. They're asking $13,800 difference. That's not terrible, but as soon as I sign, I have a 2 year old car. I saw a used 2012 with only 20k miles selling for 31k, and they're asking 41k for theirs. It doesn't seem like a bad deal, but it's not 100% what I want. I thought, you know if I could trade for 8-9k, I would prob pull the trigger. I'm still looking!!
The price seems quite high. Not knowing the options, a used fully loaded 2011 with 200 miles on it would retail for around $36K.

$41k for it is about at invoice, perhaps $500-1000 below ... which is not a good deal for a car that when you roll of the lot will be a 3 year old car. On top of it all, you specifically stated that "it's not 100% what I want". I would recommend taking a pass on the car and find what you want.

For at most a couple thousand more, I am sure the dealer (or a different one) could locate a car that fits your wants 100% and be a 2013 model that will have the new top designs implemented.

To give an idea of value, I looked at trading in my 2011 convertible last summer on a ZL1 convertible. MSRP on my car was $44,215, it had about 22,000 miles (which is about $1500 or so of value at sale ... verses 200 miles) ... dealer would only give $27k for it (based on auction value). This was far too low for me as the appropriate value should have been around $31k.

So, if my car had only 200 miles on it, the "value would be around $32-33k for trade and around $36k for retail.

If you expect to keep the car forever, the value difference 2-3 years (or 5-6 years) from now won't matter ... but if you do expect to trade it in, the age of the car WILL matter and you will have a hit to your trade value.

Try not to get caught up in the game a lot of dealers use - switching focus away from price and trying to sell on what it would change your payment to, etc. Also make certain you know how much dealer "document" fees would be ... good dealers will not add a doc fee, bad ones charge $150+.

I hope ya find what you are really wanting and enjoy it (whether it is this car, another, or the one that you already have!)
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