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Exclamation Are we allowed to start RATING the vendors that sell C5 parts?

We could put a POLL (rating) that sums up the experience each has had with each particular vendor and then a comment can be left in the response. This is NOT to slander or insult vendors, but make honest comments. Insults could be deleted by the moderator. Complements are certainly welcome!

Some people have excellent experiences and some are marginal. I feel that one of the benefits of this forum is that the consumer will benefit because it won't allow a single comment sway an opinion one way or the other. Ebay does it, Cnet, heck even Walmart. The vendor will benefit the same if only one person is dissatisfied it will not 'ruin' a reputation. It will also encourage the vendors to treat EACH of us well because word of mouth is important to their business.

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