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I am a little confused by what you are saying - the title of the thread is "Official Camaro Pace Car Thread" but it appears as though you do not want Pace Cars or Festival cars to be included with this thread.

You state: " those are not Authorized Reproduced Factory Pace Cars" and "there is a diffence between Pace Cars and the Festival/Parade vehicles" but to set the record straight what you appear to be after are just replica cars. You are correct that there is a difference between the Pace Cars and the Festival/Parade cars - but where I think you are incorrect is that the replicas that you are driving are a replica of the Festival / Parade cars, not a replica of the actual pace car. The pace cars are only produced for the required number of cars for duty and they are never sold to the public - the Festival / Parade cars often look similar but are not a true replica of the pace cars.

I think you need to rephrase your thread - it should read "Official 2010 Camaro Indy 500 Replicas" as I own a true duty Festival Car and you dont seem to feel it qualifies.
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