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Originally Posted by MerlinZero View Post
What i dont get, why is it alwasy the R/T... is it because the 09 SRT isnt out yet? or because the SRT is priced out of competition?
SRT8 is $15,000 more than either the Camaro or the Mustang GT. You could just about get a Camaro and a Cobalt for the price of an SRT8.

You know, I was SURE they were going to figure out a way to give it to the Mustang until the end.

Originally Posted by Krobar View Post
I think they left out the SRT8 because it is embarassing that it costs 44k and the RT is about as fast.
Dodge should give the R/T the same suspension and brakes as the SRT8. Maybe then this would be more of a fair fight.
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