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Originally Posted by CWIweldace View Post
I'd pay $7 for that mag. Somehow I think i'd get the article here cheaper though.
Me too... maybe even $8. This is a good idea that can/should be repeated with other performance parts/mods too.

Originally Posted by Tillman Speed View Post
...You CAN provide fair results. Obviously not on a one day ordeal where they're run back to back to back, but if proper cool down time is alloted, datalogs are present, air/fuel ratio and spark advance are givien...
I agree, this should be very doable given man's ability to manipulate his environments... and it's settings.

Originally Posted by rodimus prime View Post
I would like to see

New Era Performance
Late Model Racecraft
Texas Speed
The ADM Performance unit should absolutely be on this list... ...

Originally Posted by ADM PERFORMANCE View Post
UPS TRACKING #1Z667AX3NY97585639
... ...and it's good to see that Andy is all over getting one of the ADM units sent over for testing/comparison (I've added this tracking number to my tracker. Too bad we can't use it to track the actual test results!)

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