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This is great and one of the things that makes a club/forum like Camaro5 such a great place to belong to.

This is totally OT (kinda sorta) but I would like to see a test where different size rims/tires were tested for 0-60 times and 60-0 time/distance. To be fair the same style rim should be used with the same brand/type of tire but in different sizes; i.e. the factory sizes as the baseline, then a 19" rim/tire, a 21" rim/tire, a 22" rim tire in order to see actual numbers on just what the different sizes really do for performance, both for acceleration and equally as important, for stopping power/distances.

If it were practical it might be nice to test cornering too but not everybody does hard cornering and driver skill in that area makes a massive difference so that's a lot harder to test. The two things every Camaro owner does is accelerate and stop. It would be an interesting safety test to see just how much the different sizes affects stopping distances.

I think it's great to see the forums doing a better and more objective job of testing these kinds of things compared to magazines who have to please their advertisers.

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