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Doomed from the start: 1LE with manual for daily driver.


1. HC Redeye widebody-- great room for you and your family and very, very fun. You can get a separate track car if that is important.

2. New Mustang GT 500. Should have all the power you need as well as handling.

3. A 2018 ZL1 with the A10. There are exceptional deals available and this is a spectacular car so far (7600 mi. and 1 year).

4. 2019 M5 Competition--used if you can find it, but some are seeing discounts of 10% on new ones now. This will be the most versatile car. This was the car I had on order before I purchased the ZL1.

Before my current car I had a F10 BMW 550i M-Sport w/Dinan AND a 2014 yellow/black stripes loaded Viper GTS. I prefer the ZL1 A10 to both, except for the cargo hauling capacity of the BMW.

Good luck with your search!
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