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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
Hmm. I think there's still gotta' be at least a small break between the panels. The paint isn't going to fill that gap in, unfortunately. If there were a glaring problem with this car, asthetically, for me, it would be those panel lines. There's just nothing one can do, that I can think of, to make up for that gap :( No biggie though.

Tag' - is THR going to remove the front bumper cover for the paint by chance? If they do that, then they could carry the color of the stripes into the gap itself, on both the facia and the fenders. Painting them on the car is going to be messy and that basecoat is just going to blow into the gap and run. I'm sure they've gotta' be removing the cover. That being the case, you won't have a break at those gaps that'll be too noticable, IMHO.

I keep watching those videos and think to myself that I might have to pizz the wifey off and get LTs, LOL! GAWD - that thing sounds cool!

You don't need to remove the bumper... Any good paint gun breaks down the paint into such a fine mist that would not be an issue, hell even a rattle can wouldn't have that problem. You will not see any gap with the original paint behind it at the front bumper cover & fender, those touch. It's not a gap like around the doors, hood, or trunk. Sure on those you would have a gap, but there's nothing at all you can do about them looking dark behind a light color stripe. Just look at a light colored car, the entire car is painted in pieces but you still see dark in the gaps, just because the light isn't getting in there to show there's white behind it (or at least not enough to where it looks the same as the rest of the car).

You will see a slight line where the fender and front bumper meet due to the edge being ever so slightly rounded at the end of the panel, causing the paint to reflect light in a slightly different manner, but you will not see the factory paint color behind it.

For example, here's a silver car, you can barely see the line at the front bumper cover, but it's just because of the light reflection, it's not actually a gap like around the doors where you see dark behind it. And remember even on the door gap, that's the same silver color behind it, it's just darker because of the lack of light coming out of the gap.

And here's a good example of what I mean by the different lighting, both picts are of the same car, same camera, just 2 slightly different angles. The first you really have to look to tell where the line is, the 2nd is obvious just because of the light being reflected slightly differently. It's still all painted silver, no gap, but at that angle of light reflection you see the line easily now.

Hope that makes sense.
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