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2010 ss, and heater coil went out last week. Windshield does have to come out. Question is why? I am worried about electrolysis. have experienced this before. search it on the net. IF there is a 0.3 volt reading in your radiator fluid, then the new core will go out shortly after replacing it. Test is simple. digital volt meter, car running, neg on battery, and positive probe in the radiator fiuld with out touching the sides. Directly in the fluid. check both ac and dc on the meter. if the voltage is greater than 0.3 volts, it will eat the heater coil up. Sound crazy, but its true.. AC Delco has a great article on it. search heater core failure due to electrolysis.
when I pick my ss up from the shop next week, I am taking my volt meter with me.
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