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OK, I guess it's my turn for a quirky ZL1 issue.

I was stopped at a signal light on my way home last Sunday and I noticed a smell coming into the car. I didn't think that it was coming from my car and it cleared up when I hit the open road. The car was running OK...oil pressure and engine temp was OK - 210-212.

When I pulled into the garage, the smell was really strong. I left the car run a popped the hood. It didn't really seem to be coming from the engine compartment. The smell seemed to be coming more from the center of the car, but by then the garage was pretty much filled with the smell and it was difficult to pin point. It smelled like a combo of hot rubber and clutch/brake pad (got to use your imagination on that one) and not like oil. I checked the rotors and they didn't seem hot.

Maybe something in the cats???

Like others on this forum, I totally hate to go to the dealership and with this not being something that they can see that is broken, my confidence in them finding the problem without it being a long process is not good.

OK...done crying. I guess I will man up and head out for the dealership.
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