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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
I don't want to put the Z28 to bed. When enthusiasts and consumers give up on a product, the company has little incentive to reproduce it. As long as we lobby GM, we have hope for a Z28.

I don't like the SS off to the side of the grill. I'll remove that one and put one in place of the bowtie if I can find one that fits. Otherwise, I like the idea of hockey stripes and will place SS or other appropriate (LS3, L99, 6.2L, V8, or something else) badges near the front of the fender. I will probably move the SS on the rear as well as the one on the front.
on the whole post; but I'm going to stick to the topic too

Again, I completely agree with Blur on the badge. My only thing is there are what, only two bow ties on the car? I think I'd have to find another way to represent on the front of the car with the bow tie, IMHO.

Originally Posted by IROCZJEFF View Post
I have been booted for my comments on the Z28 so I would like to keep this forum related to the SS only please. Where is the moderator who booted me? Dragoneye?
What's done is done, and I think we should focus on the present and future, IMVHO. So about the SS
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