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Originally Posted by DroptopZ View Post
Interestingly enough, anyone notice the tails on that yellow Camaro there? They look very similar to the existing ones but connect in-between almost like a pair of sunglasses...

Or it could just be my eyes playing tricks on me as I get older... lol.
That does seem to be an export model with the sun glass rear tail light assembly on top of the hill at the gm compound.

Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing
cts-v coupe. . .hmmmmmmmm are they refining or testing the Z against the cts-v coupe? interesting. . .
What better way to ensure that the Z/28 is a world class sport coupe...and GT500 snake charming american muscle car.

GM already has the world class bench mark in the CTS-V, might as well use what you got and improve upon it.
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