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Originally Posted by Southern Comfort View Post
Why would you anticipate better mileage in the Silver State than on a track? Obviously I have no experience to go on, but I would assume your foot stays in as much if not more. So I will hedge and go with 7.77.
What will you use for fuel?
Update - I have checked out the SSCC site. What class events are you entering? Do you need a navigator? is completely different then a track day at Laguna.At The race track im pretty much full throttle probably 80% of the time,in my Silverstate race i will never be full throttle,except at launch,then once at 140 mph it will just be a Sunday cruise at 140 mph for 90 miles,now the class im running in is the 125mph class,which is the speed i want to average for the 90 mile course.I will be running between 135 & 140 mph though for the entire 90 miles.Yes, i would like a navigator,there is now way to win this thing without one,but i dont have the money right now(now if you do then were on) to buy another 6pt harness,as well the $200.00 for the navigator :( My time for the event last Sept.was 43.20 i came in 43.15 and came in 12th.Go back to the Silverstate page then go to the bottom and click on results,and look at the times the guys who won are coming in at .00003.This is all done with a navigator,GPS,on board computers,etc.but its still a blast,you should defiantly do this! here is a little clip from last Sept.this is going into the narrows,i ran 120 mph through there posted 60.
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