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Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
Thought we, er... you were getting a clutch today?

Nice wheels. I don't know if it's the camera angle or my eyes, but the inside looks smaller that the outside.

Nice tires in the background.
You can refer to it as we or us.... This place is enough like family that I feel like this car belongs to a lot of us...

Still haven't got a tracking number for the clutch, but that doesn't mean it hasn't shipped...My vendor, Thomas at Hendrix engineering said occasionally they don't send him a tracking number... but he has an e-mail into them

As for the wheels, they are smaller on the inside... it's a new race design... moves some of the weight into the middle reducing the MOI... You have to order special dual diameter tires...

Originally Posted by Camaro21 View Post
Glad you got your wheels, I am still waiting on my wheels.. They are to be delivered tomorrow. I have already received my fronts, but the rear wheels were back ordered for about a month. Now to get the rear gears replaced (Frank said the replacement gears should ship out tomorrow) and get my slicks mounted on my wheels and go out and make a few passes !!
Good Luck with the diff... and post up some pics of the wheels when they come in

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Oh man... I loves me some Welds...

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Those Welds are really nice wheels R. They definitely are a lot rounder than Savini's. What sizes did you end up going with ?
18 X 5 fronts and 17 X 10's for the rear...
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