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With all due respect to Motor Trend, and that isn't much since they're usually wrong, I cannot agree with much of this review. People get drop-tops for the wind in their hair, and that's it. They don't EVER make the car better in any other way. As much as I love the Camaro, the convertible is NOT better looking, its heavier, less fuel efficient, the only increase in noise is wind noise because nothing else changed, the On-Star antenna on the almost-not-even-worth-it trunk is ridiculous looking, the roof DOES look like an emaciated horse, and finally, the teeny-tiny rear window exacerbates one of the most commonly complained-about visibility issues on the Camaro. If you want wind in your hair, this is your car. If you want a better looking, better performing, more cost effective, and safer car, stick with coupes. Having said that, props to Chevy for not letting the stiffness issue makes its way on to the list.
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