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Originally Posted by only the beSSt View Post
I personally know little to nothing about tuning methods. Also keep in mind that I am not going to be doing any competitive racing. Any track time (and there will be plenty) will purely be for my own enjoyment. I don't have a problem spending money to make sure my car is done right the first time, but I also do not like throwing money into stuff that is not going to benefit me for the way I use something.

Is it worth to go to a reputable performance shop and get the car dyno tuned? Or would a remote tune from Jannetty be just fine?

I even had one person (who I am not exactly inclined to put any unquestioned faith in) tell me that dyno tuning is harder on a car than tuning needs to be for a mostly street-driven car. Is there any truth to this?
I have tuned around 1300 of the cars on this forum, so ask around and look at the feedback.

I Guaranty You will be very happy with the results.

I remote tune even the wildest of builds with complete success right from my Desk to your driveway.

Any question feel Free to ask.

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