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Already in progress...

*1LE/ZL1 sways ordered -- check
*Front Brace from convertible installed -- check
*Paint SS brake calipers red -- check
*Paint SS spoiler black -- check
*3.91 rear gears -- on wait list
*Black hood wrap -- chose the 'delete option' on this one
*Acquire 1LE/ZL1 wheels -- not done, still searching. Installed 20x9" at all four corners until 1LE wheels can be purchased.

Not going to upgrade to ZL1 brakes, as they are not part of the 1LE package, and I believe the SS brakes are great and *more* than up to the task.

Truthfully, though -- with the exception of the 3.91s, all of these items were on my "to do" list before the 1LE was public. I'm just flattered that GM chose to create a package that so mirrors my own plan! LoL

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