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Your thoughts on DLC?

So I have a question for everyone. How do you feel about DLC? I was pretty much always against paying for it. Maybe it's because of my PC days when people would just make new maps and give them away or when I would buy an expansion pack for C&C for $20-30 but it had several single player missions as well as new units and maps for multi player. Now it seems like stuff is deliberately being left out of games so they can whack us later. I paid for three DLC's this year. The map packs for MW2 and the first one for Transformers:WFC. I have somewhat enjoyed the MW2 ones but my brother only got the first pack and my best friend only recently got the game so when I play it's rarely on those maps. As for TF:WFC that game is pretty much broken and the list of players is dismal. I refused to buy the second map pack and what sucks is once you hook up with a group if they have it and the game jumps to a map you don't have you get booted. I have decided from this point on no more DLC for me. I refuse to put up with their crap anymore. I never liked it and I still don't. Your thoughts?

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