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Allow me to start by saying that you should go back to school. I would talk to Indiana State University's online LPN-to-BSN program. You may be able to put your previous loan on hold. You may also be able to find other part-time or full-time work while doing this. Why do I say this? In an employer's market, your low nursing degree is nearly worthless. Everyone with LPNs are looking for jobs. It might be a while before you find a job in your career field.

Next, allow me to say that there is no good way out of debt. Bankruptcy might do your sister well now, but she won't get approved for her next car purchase. Imagine trying to convince someone that you could buy a house or pay for your kid's college with a reputation that says you can't manage debt. It won't be good.

If you can't pay $1,300, what makes you think that you could pay $23k for a base Camaro or $31k for a V8? It might be this sort of thinking that put you in this position. I hate to make the judgement that you're irresponsible, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt by defending you. You're on a car forum, so it makes sense that you would talk about car payments here. I can forgive that, but if you're driving a new Camaro before me, there will be some scrutiny, especially since my degree resulted in nine semesters of out-of-state college debt and I remarkably do have a job.

Focus on your bills. Give some fluids. Go do some medical experiments for money. Do what you can to get through your tough situation. Don't worry about anyone else's problems right now. You can do this if you can swallow a little pride and find something to keep your bank account from going red. Keep trying, and I promise you that you will make it.
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