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Yeah I already "settled" for nursing home work, but even that is'nt looking promising right now. I also worked in correction health care, but that is super stressful. It took me 3 years to get the LPN license and I thought about going back. but there is no way right now and I'm pushing 40. I borrowed too much on my last degree in accounting and could'nt find a job in that and then went into nursing. btw, things would also be easier if I could find someone to share expenses with like a girlfriend-possibly later on, but not having any luck with that lately either. As far as car payments, that's why I'm looking at the V6. If I can get the college discount before the end of the summer and hopefully get 2-3 grand out of my car, I should be looking at payments in the low-to mid 300's and I'm paying high 200's now for a 5 year old car that's gonna start needing new parts. Not too much of a difference and I would have a decent ride for the next 6-7 years. I already got brakes for my current car, but now it need tires and the wheels are getting rusty too...
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