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What he said......the new rear end just isn't doing anything for me.

Also, it seems that with the new rear diffuser you can see too much of the undercarriage, like the exhaust, exhaust hangers and diff. I guess aftermarket will take care of that but I still don't like how high it comes up the back.

I'm definitely happy with my 2010....however....I would love to have a Z/28 in my garage!

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
The new front works pretty good with silver. The new hood vent definitely looks better with the flat black hood. The ZL1 looks strange with the current aggressive-looking front and then the so-plain 2014 back.

The new rear spoiler looks kind of nice. Would be interesting to know just how much aerodynamic effect it actually has compared to the old spoiler.

So far on every car, every color, every picture I've seen of the new 2014 back I cringe when I see it. I WANT it to be exciting and good but unfortunately it just isn't. I hope they do something good with the 6th gen design.
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