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Originally Posted by scubadoo7 View Post
You still don't get it. READ the sticky on the 1LE to learn of all the components which come with the 1LE package. RS wheels were never intended as an option nor allowed, therefore, you will not be charged the $1300. The sum of all 1LE parts are actually far higher than the $3500 option. You can not replicate same parts cheaper, individually. So in the end, it is an amazing deal. OK?
I got charged the 1300 for the RS package. In turn you do pay for 2 sets of rims and tires (1LE and RS). When and if the RS option is selected the rims and tires cost dont come off if the 1LE option is selected. Either way the RS rims are charged and are included in MSRP/GMPP/Invoice on a 1LE/RS

I tried explaining this to my dealer (about how the RS rim cost should be taken off becasue 1LE option comes with different rims and tires) thinking that would be the case but it actually isnt becasue the finish on the wheels (RS package) are included in the package so its pretty you want the package or not.

Either way I didnt care becasue I wanted the RS package on my 1LE.
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