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People can dog it all they want i still preffer the LS7. First its a 505hp engine, the lowest of the three but easily can be bumped above 560hp with just cam and heads, also i preffer an all motor car over a supercharged car its just that much more impressive, on top of that the LS7 is built with a lot more durable materials than the LSA, and last but not least, how f*ckin cool would it be to be able to say "yeah, my Z/28 came stock with a 427" ^_^ Im just not a fan of the LSA, its just a de-tuned LS9 with cheaper parts, so i say why half-ass it ya know?

If not the LS7 or the LS9 then i say GM develope an entirely new engine for the Z/28, a lighter, higher revving, higher output version of the LS3 with more durable parts, that'd be pretty awsome to have a Z/28 specific engine like the Z/28s of yore haha...also they should put an emphasis on building the Z with lighter parts, shave as much as you can by using the lightest materials possible while keeping it extremely durable, i think we can all agree to that yeah?
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