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Originally Posted by Vega View Post
People can dog it all they want i still preffer the LS7. First its a 505hp engine, the lowest of the three but easily can be bumped above 560hp with just cam and heads, also i preffer an all motor car over a supercharged car its just that much more impressive, on top of that the LS7 is built with a lot more durable materials than the LSA, and last but not least, how f*ckin cool would it be to be able to say "yeah, my Z/28 came stock with a 427" ^_^ Im just not a fan of the LSA, its just a de-tuned LS9 with cheaper parts, so i say why half-ass it ya know?

If not the LS7 or the LS9 then i say GM develope an entirely new engine for the Z/28, a lighter, higher revving, higher output version of the LS3 with more durable parts, that'd be pretty awsome to have a Z/28 specific engine like the Z/28s of yore haha...also they should put an emphasis on building the Z with lighter parts, shave as much as you can by using the lightest materials possible while keeping it extremely durable, i think we can all agree to that yeah?
How's that LS7 going to do emissions and fuel economy-wise? I believe LS7 does have better economy than LS9, but LS9 has more than 120 horses on top of LS7. LS7 heads are already CNC'd and flow like 360+ cfm at like .600" lift. This side of going with some canted valve ETPs or something, I'm not sure there's going to be many more cylinder heads that would even compare to those ETPs; and they look like they need cams with .700" of lift in order to take advantage of their design and probably just as radical duration, and that probably won't fall in-line with smog regulations, let alone the drivability/pleasability standards GM sticks to for their prospective 'Vette drivers. I believe even the 6-bolt GMPP heads they use on the LSX454 are based right off of LS7 heads. I'm sorry - it's strictly my opinion that GM can not make a 427 Gen IV that would be of comparable performance to LSA, not to mention cost. I wish they could, but I think Z06 is the last big-displacement car we're going to see in a car from GM. There are too many more advancements with DI and FI on smaller engines that do at least as good a job as a big displacement engine.

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