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Originally Posted by cal45 View Post
Go for the C7 but keep in mind if you plan on any mods in the future, the "Corvette Tax" comes into play - meaning any aftermarket part made for the Corvette, is always more expensive than the same part made for a Camaro, Mustang, or Challenger.
Good point. After watching videos of 1LEs dusting Mustangs and C6es on a road track the 1LE is looking good. (Not all C6es of course).

I need to keep saying to myself "Beware the Corvette Tax" over and over. But even Camaro mods are more expensive than others. There is even a bit of a "Camaro 5th gen tax".

Two local speed shops are trying to dissuade me from the Stingray. One has a no tax $2k cam install/tune with an upgraded valve train and another is giving me a break on a full centrifugal install/tune. Decisions, decisions! But all good.
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