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So I was visiting my uncle who is 88 and lives alone to give him a hand with things and break up his boredom. We ended up watching the Kerbeck show. A nonstop Kerbeck commercial with a sweet Miss NJ honey to keep you watching. I am sure that is why my uncle watches.

Kerbeck of AC is one of the biggest Corvette dealers in the area and right now they have about 40+ C7s in stock. I have never driven any Corvette let alone a C7, so why not. I drove over to Kerbecks knowing my 1LE would not represent well having a CAI and LTs. It did not.

Right now Kerbeck will sell you a Z51 for list or any other Stingray for $2K off. It is amazing how many they have. Since they had only had one Coupe Z51, a 3LT at almost $70K, I set my sights on a Base 1LT with the only option being a class roof. Most of the Stingrays had chrome wheels, this one did not. It was red and listed for $53K and looked stunning. Sitting in the showroom with 20 other C7s it was very hard to see why the 3LT coupe next to it was $15K more. The 1LT is very well equipped, and unless you really have to have the HUD and nicer upholstery I don’t think the extra money as money well spent.

So we went for a drive. The red 1LT was parked in so we went for a ride in an identical white 1LT out in the lot. Some impressions:
  • The C7 is harder to get in and out of than the Camaro (Doh! Of course). 1LE +1
  • The C7 will not fit big guys. My salesmen was 6'6" and a 6'3" guy at the auto show both had their knees against the dash with the seat all the way back. I had been warned about this. I am 6' but have short legs for my height and I fit great. 1LE +1
  • The C7 is tight. You feel squished in the car. If you are claustrophobic this is not the car for you. But like the terrible visibility in the C7 Camaro, you can get used to it if you fit I think. Spoiler Alert: When I left Kerbecks in my 1LE I felt much better in my much roomier 1LE. But I also felt like it was too wide. Very weird contrast. 1LE +1/2
  • The 1LT base C7 felt softer and sloppier than my 1lE. While the base car did handle well, it also was comfortable, a good compromise. But this is a performance car! My 1LE suspension is almost stock so it is a fair comparison. What I learned here is although, the 1LT C7 was just as much car as all the other C7s, but it needs to be a Z51 to be compared to a 1LE. My C7 would have to be a Z51. Here I gave the C7 the win because I am sure a Z51 with MRC would feel great and be superior to the 1LE. C7 +1
  • The New LT1 felt great and the 1LT felt a little faster than my 1LE. Only a little faster because I have LTs and a CAI. The 1LT felt torquey but not that far ahead of my modded LS3. Of course the lighter weight helped the 1LT to feel stronger. I know already the LT1 likes mods from seeing shop C7s at Atco so the C7 gets the win here. C7 +1
  • The C7 Interior beats the Camaro Interior hands down. There is very little plastic and even the base C7 interior looks fantastic. The only thing I did not like about the C7 interior was the weird tach display in the middle display screen, sort of like a super DIC. The seats also were great and had better side bolstering than the Camaro. The seats were so good I would not want the C7 Competition seats. C7 +1
  • The engine sounded pretty good for being base but I did hear an NPP C7 Start up and it sounded mean. I would want NPP. But the 1LE sounds sweet too. This one is a tie.
  • As far as looks go the C7 is much better looking in person than in pictures. Even the 1LT with the lame base wheels was much cooler than I expected. But I think from a pure styling standpoint the 1LE is more attractive, although the c& looks even meaner than a 1LE if that is possible. 1LE +1
  • Gas Mileage. Easy win for the C7. C7 + 1
  • While most us of do not consider this, if you are involved in a major accident, you and your passenger would much rather be in a Camaro. 1LE +1

I could go on but I would recommend a drive to make sure you fit and get a feel for the C7. If it is your dream no harm in taking a drive.
The deal they gave me was a no go from the start. They offered me $24K for my 5,000 mile 6 month old 2SS RS 1LE. So I would be crazy to make that deal. The caveat there was my LTs. If I brought the car back to stock then they would go $30K. If I had tuned my car and brought it back to stock they would give me $25K. They checked for a tune.

I am very glad I drove a C7. I now have a much better perspective on my dreams and have concluded at least for now to stick with my 1LE. I also want a C7 a little less and have a greater appreciation for my 1LE. Maybe in the future I might make a switch, but for sure it will be a Z51.

The next day I went to Atco to get a few runs in on a nice day. With the Goodyears on the car I could not get into the 12s and finally left frustrated. Wheelhop was a huge problem on this chilly day. The Goodyears were also very slippery on the road. When the road surface is cold the DRs should be the plan. They stick like glue all the time. Like the car, hate the tires.

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