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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
We used a Greddy import can because it was huge. The LS3 builds oil from G loads in hard turns. The better the driver, consider a driver who doesn't hit the highest peak G loads but holds a sustained high G load for a longer time, fills the tank in 5 or 6 laps. We did testing at Gingerman on Wednesday with our new Supercar Coilovers and after one six lap session had crankcase oil blowing out the vent on the catch can. Dry sumping helps, but does not eliminate the problem.

We also were testing a Saleen S281 -- yeah I know WRONG FORUM Everyone told us that the Ford's didn't need a catch can. We installed one any way. It is a smaller billet style and we filled it in 3 laps.

We are looking at plumbing a secondary catch can on both vehicles. We also highly recommend that anyone pulling road course time use a premium synthetic oil. The LS series builds oil on top and starve for oil on the bottom in road course use. Add a 2 1/2 quart oil cooler with -12 lines to increase capacity and lower oil temps too.

The better you become at hustling your Camaro around the road course the worse the oiling problems become. Too put this in perspective, our driver on Wednesday raced a CTS-V for several years. It was a fully caged, lightened, balanced and blue printed engine, Penske racing coilovers and full slicks. A CTS-V production car holds the record at the Nurburing as the FASEST PRODUCTION CAR to run the Ring. We have the Camaro running more than 1 second faster than his race car. Same track. Same Driver. Same oil problem...

We are placing ridiculous loads on the Camaro. My guess is a street driven LPE does not need a catch can. A road course driven LPE may need two. I'll let you know if we make any changes to our system. Right now it is just a big catch can with a valve and drain hose at the bottom.
Man I cant wait to see video on this car! I figured to catch cans were needed, but that is wild yours is filling so fast. I wonder if there is a mod for the PVC location to help? Have you added a heat extractor hood to help cool things off yet? Thanks for shaking things out for us!
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