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Originally Posted by WYKOFF69Z View Post
You better check and see what Chevrolet models has a SS emblem.
Regardless of what models have the emblem, they are generally the most HP model for THAT model. Granted, there are several cars who had zero business ever receiving the badging. There are of course exceptions to this statement...but for the most part, it rings true..

Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing View Post
That makes me laugh. maybe in the good ole usa. don't kid yourself. 1/4 mile times are a joke. all they shower is acceleration not what a car is really capable of.

you can keep believing the SS was king. that's ok.
Apparently you can't read, because my statement was only about the 1/4 mile. Outside of the enthusiasts who run a road course, you almost NEVER hear how fast a lap can she put down.... you hear about 1/4 mile times. That was the point of my comment.
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