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Pfadt IRS Drag Set-Up info

Pfadt Racing has helped put the power down in the fastest IRS Corvettes in the World with our suspension and powertrain mounting products. We will have the same set-up for the Camaro as well. Here is what I'd recommend.

Pfadt Camaro Coil Overs with Drag front springs will keep the back end tight not allowing it to squat thus keeping your alignment where it needs to be and the tire contact patch as large as possible; I'd recommend a setting of 10 for the rear damping to start. The Drag front springs will allow the front end to lift and transfer the weight to the rear and control the car coming back down; I would set the front at 1-2 on the damping.

Pfadt Camaro Balance Rear Sway Bar will make the IRS behave more like a solid axle by keeping the rear control arms in line. What happens on launch is the right rear compresses and the left rear lifts; the bar will help minimize this greatly.

Pfadt Poly C-Arm Bushings will help reduce unwanted deflection in the rear suspension including toe-in which effectively reduces the efficiency as the tires slide, wheel hop and it will keep everything where it is supposed to be.

Pfadt Engine mounts will remove unwanted powertrain move and make for more responsive throttle inputs and they keep everything where it's supposed to be.

We also have a trans mount, diff bushings and solid subframe mounts that I would recommend. Pfadt Race Engineering knows suspension and how to make a car work. Please feel free to call or email us anytime with questions.

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