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Originally Posted by IPS Brandon View Post
Ill be the third party opinion, with some experience to back it up.

I am not sure of Pedders, and really have no experience with their products, so have that as some back ground.

As for Pfadt, we have been racing with them for over and year now, and their knowledge has propelled our corvette racers to faster times, at the strip and the course.

Jordan hits the nail on the head but I will re address with how to properly hook up your camaro, based on our history. Here is a nice video of how and IRS car can make 1.3 60 fts

The difference is in the design, Pfadt coil-overs are inverted with a aluminum mounted upper hat, that has a spherical bearing. This allows much better modulation of the coil-over, and this is important. You get the maximum ride height adjust-ability out of the suspension while still having full shock travel, which from what I see on the Pedder unit may come into play. So now that you are using the coilovers, you have options, first you will want the front end to sit slightly higher then the rear of the car. That will allow the car to raise smoother and transfer force to the rear tire. Second is setting the dampening, we don't want much rebound up front, so low setting 1-2 range, to allow the suspension to hang longer, and has less Resistance, then set the rears on full rebound to get the shocks from bouncing around, and directing the force (Hp) to the friction patch of the tire. So again coil overs are essential, and pPadt seems to the best technology currently!

Now move to the sway bars, the idea here is to use a big rear sway bar with heavy duty end links. This is help tie the rear of the car together so it will move in together more so, which helps keep traction, versus the wheels fighting each other. Pfadts bars are nice, I have no information on Pedders bar. The Pfadt bar in our corvette made worlds of difference in 60ft time, and allow us to get aggressive with launch control. So the rear sway, get a bigger rear bar, and links, to help tie the rear end together tighter.

Now the control arm bushings, honestly the best for drag racing are spherical bearings, which pfadt has not released. These allow the lowest amount of deflection , and keep the truest alignment settings. We have installed these bearings and lost a whole degree of flex in the alignment, that's HUGE when your going fast. The poly bushings are just the step down, and what we recommend for the street car, they help minimize that deflection and loss of energy you get from the shake under launching. So the summary on bushings get polys if you are street driving the car mainly, and get spherical if you are going all out.

Next lets move to engine and drivetrain mounts. Same theroy, the more solid and rigid the drivetrain is, will allow the mximum amount of horsepower and torque to be used. You actully loose power when the engine and rear end move around. So ungrading the engine mounts is essential, the pfadts are pretty nice i must admit, I have seen a few other prototypes which look ok. The subframe is important as well, get solid mounts, which keeps the drivetrain stable, and most energy efficent.

So in summary
-Big rear sway
-Some sort of control arm bushings, poly or sperhical
-Engine and subframe mounts, along with a transmount

We have all of pfadt line availble, which is our choice based on what their products have done for us in the corvette market. There stuff is very nice!

Good luck fellows, any questions feel free, I can certainly expand further!

Hello Brandon,

Not to be a brat or anything, but to say you are a third party opinion when you are a reseller of their parts parts is not an objective review. If it is, I will have 45 or so of our active dealerships express their opinions of Pedders.

There is no one here, including myself, saying anything but good things about your product line.

take care
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