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Originally Posted by GearBangr View Post
LSA is a way toned down LS9
I think we can get a toned down LS7.
By the time you go through ALL the hoops 'n hurdles to build LESS (in relatively limited numbers), your end unit co$t$ will likely be about the why do it?

If it's gonna cost me $42,500 to get 475hp, or $42,900 to get 505hp (without risking my warranty with a dyno-tune!!!), sign me up @ $42,900. And make 'er Black-on-Black.

Here's my VISA #...

BTW, LS9 (638) - LSA (556) = 82 hp. LS7 (505) - LS3 (426) = 79. So your toned-down LS7 already extra charge.
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