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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
There's a difference between "enthusiast" and "fanboy"... I don't belong to a single Mustang forum, anywhere, but I DO like, and will consider (if GM sits idle), a BOSS. And I don't think I'm alone... The ZL1 is NOT "my cup of tea". I refuse to pay a TON of extra dough for something that is NOT a crisp canyon carver. And yes, a ZL1 will set you back at least 10-15% MORE than this "Zee" should be... To ME, that's a TON of dough. And it would stair-step the V8 Camaro price ladder: 1SS = low-mid-$30s; 2SS = mid-upper-$30s; ZL1 = $50+; Z/28 = $40s...

I, for one, was happy when Z28...or Z/28...was NOT used as a name for what we now know as the ZL1. NOW, we have a window of opportunity for THIS Gen Camaro for a REAL Z/28. And, although it's not a new concept, or even MY concept, the one outlined here by me is as close as is likely do-able, this time around, for close-to-BOSS money AND results...
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