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Hey ZZ, I know it sucks waiting. I have been at 3400 since over a week ago. I thought is would be built by now, but it hasn't. Is there anything we can or should do about it at this point? No. The reason we are so cranked is because we really, really, really want to know that OUR car has been built. The next wave will be getting all wound up that it hasn't been shipped or made it to the dealer yet. Other than if we were willing to part with $400,000 to beat Rick Hendricks bid for SN 00001, then we have to wait. None of know for sure about Moreno Valley and Avis, but if it is true, business is business and I am sure Avis paid mightily just like Hertz did for the Mustangs they got early on.

From a practical point of view, and as Scott has said, they absolutely want us to have our cars as soon as possible. Hang in there buddy... We literally are all in this together at this point.

Thanks to UCF and heinz for taking their PERSONAL time and effort to keep us up-to-date and informed. Without them, we wouldn't even be having these posts and OUR car's progress would be completely blind. So Thank You !!!
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