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Originally Posted by cmanatam View Post
I dont think its unfair to ask or question information provided to you or promises made to you about a product youve deposited money for months before it actually existed when the company is in dire need of funds. I want so much for the car to succeed and for gm to rebound because the american auto industry has supported my family for several generations. I am just saddened that my loyalty is not being valued with accurate or honest info. Its not bitching its just a request for accountability. I love everything about this car and am so excited for it to be my first car to purchase for myself. I just dont like feeling like im being fed false info so that i'll be just happy enough not to take my money elsewhere. Thank you to all the hard working people on the lines and offices at GM. Im not going anywhere, I just hope that in the midst of big deals with rental companies or what not, dont forget about those of us who have laid down cash in the very beginning
Whoa whoa whoa...I'm with you on this Bud..I was seriuos about my post...I am sure I have been reffered to as 1 of the biggest bitches on here because my order for a blue SS has been pushed back...I ordered back in October and had a Feb Consensus for a March me I'm with you on this
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