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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
After reading a few posts - I simply came here to respond to a couple of them because I realized that too many people don't understand what the original intent of the Z/28 really was.......:

go back and read the history of WHY the Z28 was introduced in the first place.

Don't 'guess' and don't try to 'interpret' - because some of us were actually around back then! (I didn't mean that as a shot -- but.......)

Tidbit: the 1967 Z28 didn't have Z28 anywhere on the car - it was simply an option code (RPO) that essentially said: "This is the car we're building to compete in SCCA's Trans Am racing series. All others beware!" It was not meant to be a daily driver - and this new Z/28 is not meant to be a daily driver. it will "separate the men from the boys" so to speak....... If you want comfort -- this is not the car for you.....

We stayed true to the original intent. Want a stereo radio? Go buy a ZL1 or a
1LE or an SS and make mods.

The Z/28 is essentially a race car.

Sorry that some of you don't like that.....but we have to make hard decisions and I stand behind this Z/28 'til the cows come home.

I don't like to be this abrupt - but I'm operating on very little sleep - it's been a long week -- and frankly my patience is running a bit thin with people who don't understand what a Z/28 really is meant to be........

(....oh - and for those of you who are nay-sayers? I wish you could have heard the remarks about the new Z/28 - people at the unveil were blown away.......)
Fbodfather, you gave us even MORE than we (us old faithful Z28 guys) asked for in the Z28 threads. As you know for years we've been carrying the torch while numbskulls would pop in to call us fools for believing. This Z28 I put on level with cars like the GT3 911's and such. To say I'm impressed does not even get close to how I feel about what you've done.

Thank You,
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