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Originally Posted by KSCamaro View Post
"true to the heritage"

You tell people to "shut up" and that they are "borderline trolling", well you DEFINITELY are. This forum is for people to express their opinions, just because you don't agree, doesn't make anyone else wrong.
I think there are folks that were just blindsided by this. If you were saving and waiting for a Z/28 and then find out it's just a track car it's a bit of a disappointment. There's no point in even discussing the price.

I'm not a fan of Mustangs and could stand to get a new car. I was waiting for this announcement for 2 years. If you're happy with this version of the Z/28, good for you.
If I feel like GM just took the Z/28 badge and threw it in the mud, that's my opinion.
I'm not happy about it at all. There's nothing I can do about it, I just have to find another vehicle that CAN be a daily driver.
The Camaro lineup has NEVER been more diverse in it's history than it is today..... they even offered a BIW for the ala carte folks.

Just what in the Sam Hill does it take to make you happy???

... and yes, the Z/28 is true to it's 1st gen heritage... in performance and price. Actually, in some ways, it's excelled... is that what makes you sad?

Sure they've mixed the RPO and COPO codes around a bit, big deal.

Here's the part I don't get..... you can get the Camaro in ~10 variations, from economical to track king and all in-between..... what more do you want???
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