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Originally Posted by TRC-SS View Post
Tony....once this is all done and the guys get the bumpers. I could really use a sweet rear bumper !!!!
There's not much to do as far as a rear bumper design. I was thinking about doing a rear diffuser for a while, but the market for that product seems to be pretty saturated

Originally Posted by Twoblindsheep View Post
yeah im going with the Havoc since ive seen it with zl1 rockers and they look close but zl1 rockers are a bit shorter.. and hopefully Havoc will line up pretty close!!
my car is ready to be put in the shop!
look what i get to drive when the camaro goes in the shop!
Nice! What year Viper?

Originally Posted by inf3rno View Post
Not to hijack the thread, but i guess tony is working on a new design for rockers right? It might go well with the aggressor bumpers.

It might be a good idea to wait and see his version of rockers before buying other skirts.
You let the cat out of the I am in the process of re designing the side splitters and putting them into production.
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