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PHEW!! Day one in the books. Today was vendor and exhibitor only... setup the booth, then ventured into building 4 for a date with a '32 Roadster and a Custom Auburn needing some love before judging in Americans Most Beautiful Roadster Contest.

I took on the 32 while Marky took on the Auburn.

As you can see the painters didn't do me any favors with prep on the '32

1 pass of SHR + Orange Pad on the Flex followed up with 2 passes of FMP + white pad brought the paint back to a stunning deep black

I proceeded around the car the same way and knocked the rest out - one snag was the silverleaf pulling off with the tape - that will be another story for another time

Divide & Conquer! There was a lot of onlookers as we put the Adam's touch on these babies:

Time for a quick shot with each car and then back to the booth to pack it in for the night... tomorrow the show OFFICIALLY starts.

Our boys from Oregon done good! This thing showed up sanded down to 3000 grit!!

Don't worry... that yellow towel was only used to polish out some of the underhood accessories

Its not done until it gets an official reflection thumbs up!

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